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Co-Ed Personal Protection - Ammo NOT Included - Taking Names

Co-Ed Personal Protection - Ammo NOT Included - Taking Names $155.00

Co-Ed Personal Protection 

This course provides lecture and fire time, and was constructed to provide a hands on intro into safe handling and proper orientation for specific hand gun models. We incorporate high standards to inspire confidence when handling a firearm. Loading, unloading, marksmanship, normal range operations, field stripping, and shooting fundamentals are covered.

Prerequisite(s):         A previously completed concealed carry class is required to participate in this live fire course. 

Course Duration:      Approximately 2.5 hours                                           

Equipment Requirements:  Weather appropriate attire. Eye and Ear protection are provided.

Course Costs:           $155 Ammo Not Included (100 rounds of 9mm and 50 rounds of 38 spl. are required for this class. If purchasing ammo from our store you will receive a 15% discount on class ammo. Be sure to inform the cashier that you are signed up for a live fire class.)

* Notice: This class requires a minimum attendance of 15 participants. If the minimum requirement is not met the class will be rescheduled. Classes are held weather permitting. As this is an outdoor range - rain, snow, extreme cold or heat may cause us to have to reschedule. Participants will be notified 24 hours prior to class time.

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